Projects at Busschers Staalwerken B.V.

Engineering and assembling of turn-key sorting installations for the recycling industry.

Drawings made in HiCAD (combination of machine and steel engineering). Lead the implementation of product data management (PDM) in HELiOS, to make the workflow more efficient by increasing the findability by classifying parts.

The pictures following show various projects we developed in last years.

Rapid prototyping

The making of prototypes can be a useful step before releasing the design and starting production. Testing with a prototype increases the chance of discovering possible faults in the design.

CAD models

CAD software is a great tool for engineers. The ability to pick materials and standard parts from a well organized catalogue, makes it possible to build 3D models very fast. It can be a great advantage to model in 3D to make the design very transparant.

CAD drawings

The technical drawing is one of the most important end products of the engineer, because it's the translation of the design to actual production. Adding clear instructions and chosing the right tolerances carefully, results in a well prepared production process. Working with revisions is a great way to keep track on improvements in the workflow of the design.

FEM (strength analysis)

Working with FEM-software (finite element method) can give a useful insight in the critical stress areas in a model or how it might deform. It can be used as a great design optimization tool making clear where the design is the weakest and strongest.


Hands can be the quickest tools when it comes to putting ideas on paper when they're still forming. The visualization can help you and others understand and also contribute to the development in the first steps of a design.